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phone/fax: +48 12 352 39 60
NIP: 676-007-87-03

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ALMOT Mikołaj Sibora Sp.k.

From the date of its establishment in 1983, ALMOT company has been dealing with production of aluminium spare parts for automotive industry. The main profile of our activity is related to production of pistons, cylinders and cylinder heads for motorcycle engines. Based on our experience and technical back-up facilities, we also manufacture details for other branches of industry. We own five casting furnaces and we offer gravitational mould castings. Casted details undergo machining on the state-of-the-art CNC machines. 70% of our products are exported to several countries. We have spare capacity regarding production of castings alone, as well as CNC machining on such equipment, as turning machines, 5-axis milling machines, and honing devices. We invite you to co-operate with us!

Tel.: +48 (52) 351 76 69,
Fax: +48 (52) 351 73 01
Gniewkówiec 3,
88-180 Złotniki Kujawskie