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FAM – Technika Odlewnicza Sp. z o.o.

FAM Technika Odlewnicza in the field of pressure casting has many years of tradition and experience. As well as machining and finishing of non-ferrous metals, in particular zinc, aluminium and magnesium alloys. CNC machining, powder and spray paint shop, three galvanic lines. Thanks to its own tool shop the Company implements projects for both local entrepreneurs and global concerns. The R&D and prototyping department allows to quickly and efficiently implement almost any project. The extensive machinery park allows production on 4 different raw materials: Zinc – pressure force from 20 to 125T, weight from 5g to 600g * Aluminium – pressure force from 580 to 800T, weight 150g to 4500g * Magnesium – pressure force from 315 to 800T, weight 50g to 4500g * Plastics – pressure force from 80 to 1200T, weight 1g to 4200 g.

Tel.: +48 (56) 692 92 19
Polna 10,
86-200 Chełmno