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SA-Foundry Sp. z o.o.

We are private family business. Based on the modern researches, up-date knowledge and more than 30 years of experience we propose the advanced foundry solutions for metals foundries and recycling: tilting gravity die casting and HPDC machines and automatic cells * rotary furnaces, melting / holding furnaces, heating elements, conveyors, crushers, briquette presses for non-ferrous foundry and scrap recycling * fluxes, coatings, tools for foundry and recycling *engineering and consulting in the field of the foundry process (equipments, materials and technologies). Cast metals quality complex investigations * furnaces and dryers for heat treatment and thermochemical treatment, for plastic, rubber and ceramic * Materials for soldering, brazing and welding.

Tel.: +48 511 480 980
Władysława Łokietka 6A/12,
30-010 Kraków