address: ul. Dukatów 8, 31-431 Kraków
phone/fax: +48 12 352 39 60
NIP: 676-007-87-03

A member of the World Foundry Organization

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Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz – Krakowski Instytut Technologiczny

Łukasiewicz – KIT carries out researlch, development and implementation works in the field of foundry materials and technologies. The Institute is equipped with modern software for computer simulation of foundry processes, equipment for melting metal alloys and small-scale production of castings made of Al, Mg, Zn, Sn, Cu, Ni, Fe, Co, Ti alloys, metal-ceramic composites, functionally graded materials, highly porous metals and alloys by using traditional, precision and high-pressure die casting. It has experience in technological, structural, material and environmental conversion of foundry processes and offers commercial investigations (Accredited Laboratory – AB 197) and certification of products, machines and devices (AC 030).

Tel.: +48 (12) 261 83 24
Zakopiańska 73 30-418 Kraków