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Chem-Trend Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

Chem-Trend is the most proven partner in the world for release agents, purging compounds, and other process chemical spe­cialties. Using a customer-centric approach and deep research and development, we are here to help you become more efficient. Die cast solutions have been a part of Chem-Trend since day one. As conditions continue to become more demanding, efficiency becomes more crucial, and materials become even more premium, we work alongside our customers to uncover every possi­bility. Our unique, robust, formulated products have been developed to meet or exceed expectations. All with an eye toward delivering better results and processes.

Tel.: +48 (61) 656 39 71,
Fax: +48 (61) 646 48 56
Pilotów 19,
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