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Przedsiębiorstwo Innowacyjne Odlewnictwa SPECODLEW Sp. z o.o.

Specodlew is a modern production facility. The technology infrastructure covers, among others, other highly-efficient melting facilities in the form of induction furnaces, a modern moulding line , computerized furnaces for heat treatment, modernized machinery and a range of other modern technological solutions enabling the implementation and production of casts with high technical and quality parameters. The foundry’s infrastructure also includes the construction and mechanical processing departments equipped with modern CNC machining centres, which, through mutual cooperation meet the needs in the area of foundry tooling and the comprehensive production of casts. Specodlew can use different technologies: sand moulds, lost wax, low pressure casting, gravity casting (permanent mould casting).

Tel.: +48 (12) 634 94 00,
Fax: +48 (12) 634 94 01
Pileckiego 3,
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