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The company deals with optimization and energy efficiency. The company advises on how to protect business against rising energy prices and how to reduce its consumption in many areas. The companyn solves the following problems: lack of control over energy consumption in the enterprise * loss of funds due to high utility charges and wear and tear of devices * lack of strategy for optimal and effective use of equipment and space * strategic planning in the context of energy security policy and striving for zero-emissions* shortages of energy carriers. The company provides solutions: heat recovery from industrial installations * DSR * PV installation with financing * consumption monitoring with energy management system * cogeneration * modernization of lighting * replacement of heat sources with low-emission ones * contracting electricity and gas at lower prices * obtaining white certificates.The customers choose Nega-Energy company because they can count on it, because the company is available and effective, and when complications arise, the company doesn’t leave them in trouble.

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