address: ul. Dukatów 8, 31-431 Kraków
phone/fax: +48 12 352 39 60
NIP: 676-007-87-03

A member of the World Foundry Organization

Member of the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations NOT
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Stowarzyszenie Techniczne Odlewników Polskich (STOP)

The Polish Foundrymen’s Association (STOP) was founded over 85 years ago as a voluntary, non-governmental organisation associating over 1000 engineers and technicians working in the foundry industry and foundry institutions, and over 40 supporting members. It operates within territory through 17 branches. The Association is a member of the World Foundry Organization (WFO), Central European Foundry Initiative (MEGI) and Polish Federation of Engineering Association (NOT). The Association is engaged in the organisation of training, conferences, symposia, competitions, technical trips, etc. At present it is engaged in economic and innovative activity. STOP is a publisher of Przeglad Odlewnictwa (Foundry Review).

Tel./fax: +48 (12) 352 39 60
Dukatów 8,
31-431 Kraków